Store, protect & efficiently use your confidential information.
PasswordVisor has industry strength data encryption, including TwoFish, AES and TripleDES to keep your data safe. PasswordVisor has an easy to use intuitive graphical user interface to structure and organize data.
Use PasswordVisor to store, protect and organize:
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Credit Card Expiry Dates
  • Credit Card CVVs
  • Credit Card PINs
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Tax Identification Numbers
  • Website Addresses/urls
  • Website User Names
  • Website Passwords
  • Website Email Addresses
  • Website Password Recovery Answers
  • Photographs

Symmetric Encryption methods and cypher strengths available to you:

  • TwoFish - 128 bits minimum - upto 256 bits when longer password is supplied (default/recommended/best)
  • AES - upto 192/256 bits when longer password is supplied
  • Triple-DES - 56 bits
  • XOR with static file - XOR bytes with the contents of a static file. Strength depends on contents and length of static file used. Minimum required static file length is 2048 bytes.
PasswordVisor keeps your confidential data on your computer , never in the cloud!
Your data is stored in files on your computer disk. Use PasswordVisor to securely access, store and use the confidential data.

Storing your confidential data in the 'cloud' is a significant security risk, so PasswordVisor does not do so. 'The cloud' is actually on someone else's computer!

Setting up and using PasswordVisor is easy as 1, 2, 3.
Select the dataset template that closely matches the information you wish to store.  The structure of the dataset can be modified later as needed.


Specify the information for each item in your dataset.  Generate strong passwords when adding new sites.


Select a strong data encryption method and a master password. Save your file.  PasswordVisor will help you specify a strong password.  Optionally specify a password hint that will be shown when you are asked for the password at the time of opening this PasswordVisor file.

Get a head start. Download example PasswordVisor files.

PasswordVisor takes your privacy seriously.
The PasswordVisor application never connects to the internet for any reason.
There is no usage (telemetry) data collection.
There is no bundled software or add-ons.
There is no auto-upgrade feature by design.

For the optional registration/license process, we require your email address to deliver your registration key. We will never sell your email address.

To ensure you download the genuine PasswordVisor application, please download the installer only from this official website, and verify installer hash with the hashes published at this official website.

Download PasswordVisor installer. Try free for 30 days.
Supported operating systems (32/64 bit)
  • Windows™ 10
  • Windows™ 8
  • Windows™ 7
  • .NET framework 4.5

The installer will download via https (secure SSL). The installer is digitally signed with a certificate with the publisher's name to gurantee product authenticity.

View installer Hashes +

For 'PasswordVisorSetup.exe' build
    SHA256 hash : 94fb47eacac5818b1a4c7d07b6f3c827ad38d5ed310b0d65bafea48aa26202ff
    SHA512 hash : 18688a70e74561b2ce5dbcb2f7332ad9dbf6c2bb097d39953de00c3d6db1ae41a9bceaab95f2af699abf5a99a5aad943ee26c50a084e210bc721ba866290f5a0

Trial version Paid version
Registration reminders (no reminders)
Extra start-up delay of 5 seconds (no start-up delay)
Free US $10
Purchase/register now for $10
Credit Card or PayPal accepted

Once the payment is completed, you will receive the registration key via email.

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Contact developer/publisher Nalin D Jayasuriya

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